Like every casino game there are myths and superstitions that surround roulette. It is easy to get caught up in the stories, but be careful because not all are true.

Jagger’s Wheel

Since Jaggers discovered the unbalanced wheel many patrons today are on the look out for the unbalanced wheel in order to make some fast cash. The truth is the unbalanced roulette wheel no longer exists. They have heard the story of Joseph Jaggers and are constantly monitoring their wheels. Before every table is open to the public the wheel is checked and rechecked to make sure it is perfectly balanced. If the casinos discover an unbalanced wheel, they immediately re-calibrate it.

Better Chance Next Time

Another myth is that as more spins occur, players have a better opportunity of hitting a number that has not been hit yet. This is absolutely false. Just because a number has not been hit yet, does not mean you have a better probability to hit the number on the next spin. The probability to hit a number every spin is the same 1 out of 38. Just because the number seven has not hit for hours, does not mean it will hit soon. Remember roulette is a game of chance and the odds are the same for every number with every spin of the wheel.

Dealer Signature

This is a complex myth and one that is more theory based. Dealers running a roulette game get into a rhythm. The idea is that every spin is the same, meaning that when the dealer picks up the ball they spin it with the same force each time. This means that the ball should spin the same number of spins it did the time before and thus land the same number of slots away from the last spin. This is not saying that the same number will hit each time only that the ball will land a specific distance from the last hit. This idea is called a dealer signature. There is actually much debate about the truth behind this casino myth. Many people will encourage players to look for a dealer signature; if a player discovers one then theoretically that player has a huge advantage and should be able to win more often.

Superstitious Sayings

  1. Never jump from table to table as you might leave your luck behind you.
  2. After you see your favorite number hit three times, change it, and play another for at least five spins to get a change.
  3. Don’t ever go gambling just because you are mad, this will only cause bad karma to follow you – go when you are happy, out for a good time, and you will build memories for a lifetime!
  4. Be sure you don’t fight with your woman or man at the table as this can only bring you bad luck.
  5. Choose numbers that feel lucky to you – everyone has a lucky number, go with it!