Most everyone knows a few famous poker players. Roulette, too, has its amazing players both in the past and the present day. While roulette is not as fast paced as poker, a few spins of a wheel have given some people a place in history.


In the mid 1800′s Joseph Jaggers, an engineer, made a huge name for himself. It began when Jaggers realized that the wheels in the casinos were not truly balanced. These non-balanced wheels then did not produce truly random numbers; in fact, these wheels would hit certain numbers more frequently. Upon realizing this Jaggers hired a few people to watch the wheels in the Casino Beaux-Arts in Monte Carlo. He was right. One of the six wheels in this casino hit nine numbers more often than any other number. With this information in hand he sat down to play roulette at the specific wheel. Jaggers began placing bets on these nine numbers and within four days he won over $300,000. After watching Jaggers, decided that there was something puzzling going on at the table, so they decided to move the entire table to a different location. The next day when Jaggers came back to play, he began to lose. He soon realized that the table he was playing at was not the same, so he quickly found the table where he has previously played and began playing again, this time winning $450,000. Again, the casino was perplexed and this time decided to modify the wheel. When Jaggers came back he ended up losing $125,000; however, over the course of the entire event he still had well over $325,000.


In March of 2004 the craziest bet ever made news across the country. Ashley Revell, a 32-year-old man from London, wagered everything at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. Revell sold all his possessions, his home, his car, and even the clothes off his back. He went into the Plaza Hotel in a rented tuxedo. He stood in front of one of the roulette wheels with his total worth of $135,300. Revell chose to place everything on red. His friends and family along with other patrons gathered around the table as the wheel spun and the ball slowly came to a stop. The ball land in the “Red 7″ slot, and Revell doubled his money to $270,600. Ashley Revell celebrated the luck with friends and family. Many people wanted to see Revell try it again but instead he walked away with a smile and even tipped the dealer $600.