About Roulette

roulette wheel casino gambling win moneyAt first glance it appears pretty simplistic; however, this is not the case. It is a game of more than just luck in picking the right number or color; it is about having the proper knowledge to improve your odds against the house.

While you can greatly enhance your odds, it is still a game of chance and of course the odds are in favor of the house. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and win; it only means don’t fall for the hype of people who tell you they have the “winning formula.” Roulette is one of the oldest betting and even today is still exciting as the ball gets closer and closer to the lucky number where it will land.

Table Etiquette

Every table game in the casino has its own rules of etiquette. It is very important to follow the guidelines so that you do not offend any other players at the table or do something accidentally to cause the casino to remove you.

Players are allowed to make bets during a certain amount of time. Every time you spin the roulette wheel, the dealer allows about a minute to place bets. Players can continue to place bets, but as soon as the dealer raises his or her hand and says “betting is over,” all players must immediately stop betting and wait for the ball to land in a slot. Once the ball lands in a slot, dealer will then place a marker on the number on the table that matches the number where the ball landed. The dealer then will collect all the losing bets. After this, the bets that won will be paid the correct odds. Once the marker is removed from the table, the process starts all over again with players being allowed to begin betting. If at any time a player touches his or her chips when bets are being removed or paid the casino will take you out.

Even though it is not required, it is always a good idea to tip the dealers. While the dealers are there to make sure it runs smoothly, by tipping them you ensure they will go the extra lengths to help you out. The proper way to tip the dealer is approximately every nine to ten spins of the wheel just tip them a dollar or two. In the case you are playing at a high stakes table, then tip accordingly.

The most important issues are to be polite and considerate to the players around you. Feel free to make bets, but be careful not to accidentally knock over someone’s chips; many players view this as a sign of bad luck and will be very upset with you. Also, since there is typically room for up to eight people who can join, be watchful of the players around you so that you don’t bump them or spill a drink on them. It is a fun and exciting game especially when the ball lands on your number or color. Enjoy yourself while playing and remember the etiquette.

Every spin in roulette is mutually exclusive of each other, meaning that each number or color has the same chance of coming up on every spin. It doesn’t matter if a number just came up twice in a row, that number has the same exact chance of coming up again on the next spin. Past performance can not determine future outcomes.


Therefore, make sure you ignore the history of all prior rolls when deciding what bet to make. Each individual number on the roulette wheel has the same chance of coming up on each roll, so feel free to play your favorite numbers, but don’t think that some numbers have a better chance of coming up than others.

If you are given a choice between playing an American or a European table, always chose the table. The difference is the European table has only one zero space which significantly reduces the house edge, as opposed to the American table which has a zero space and a double zero space.

Be careful of betting too many numbers and off-setting your potential winnings. If you bet a lot of numbers, you may win more often, but the instances where none of your numbers hit, you are losing an unnecessary amount.

You may want to choose your method of betting based on the amount of betting units you have to play. You can play the bets which are more likely to pay out but pay less (like the red or black) or the bets which are less likely to pay out but pay much more if they hit (like playing individual numbers).